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The OnCourse 360 Survey System

The OnCourse 360 Survey System from OnCourse International allows self-assessments by an individual and assessments of the individual by others (manager or colleagues in the work environment, family members, friends, or any third party). Single individuals may access any of the public-group assessments listed in the drop-down menu in the left column of this screen. Organizations or private groups may contact OnCourse International to create a customized 360 survey (e.g., a private-group survey) for their organization or group. 

If you have already received an email from a private-group administrator with your pre-defined Group Name, your Email ID, and your Initial Password, simply click on the User Login tab in the menu at the top of the screen to take the Self-Assessment.

If this is your first entry into the OnCourse 360 Survey System, you need to select the public-group survey you would like to take from the drop-down menu in the left column, and enter the required user information. You will then be able to take or re-take the survey, invite third-party raters to evaluate you, display on screen or create PDF reports, and change your password. After this initial access—where you set up your user information—subsequent access to the OnCourse 360 Survey System is via the User Login tab at the top of the screen.

Key Features of the OnCourse 360 Survey System

  • Self-assessment by an individual
  • On-screen report
  • Downloaded PDF Report
  • Multiple rater categories (e.g., manager, work colleague, family member, friend)
  • Multiple report configurations based on rater categories (e.g., only considering work raters, family raters, or any combination)
  • Assessments of the individual by any number of others (called raters or third parties)
  • Narrative comments by both the individual user and raters for each statement in a survey
  • Multiple self-assessment environments (whole life, work environment, home environment)
  • Easily-created, customized assessments for any organization or group—contact OnCourse International